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The Moduls

Freely editable operational programs:

Thousands of different operational programs can be defined, while the total number is merely limited by the capacity of the hard disk. ProGal allows entering the bath parameters such as bath sequence, exposition times, tolerance times, and draining times for each individual operational program.


Throughput optimization by simulation module:

ProGal allows the arbitrary mixture of the operational programs. In order to achieve the best possible through-put, the process control computer determines – in the scope of simulations, which are executed within seconds, – an optimum „Time-Path-Diagram“. This helps to avoid idle working phases and you will become independent from a rigid mixture of operational programs.

Remote module:

The module serves to execute the remote diagnostic and remote maintenance service. This allows a rapid and economic support. In about 90% of all cases, the on-site service is no longer required. With the help of the ProGal tools, we are able to tell you exactly which sensor/actuator has shown a dysfunction.


Quality securing module:

Article-specific “quality profiles” can be defined, on the basis of which the system will execute an automatic verification causing, for instance, the release of a locking printout at the corresponding discharging position, if required.


Bath-specific / article-specific drum turning:

This module allows defining specific drum turning characteristic features for each individual operational program or article. An individual drum turning can be adjusted for each single bath (pulse / pause / reversing yes/no).


Article administration:

Each article will be stored together with the data that is relevant for production and administration. The access to the article is possible at any time via different search field.


Order administration:

Each individual client order is entered one time and then automatically complemented with the data concerning the „present state of elaboration“. You will then have at your disposal all important data for each individual client at any time by simply pushing one button.


Second work station module:

You will be able to easily extract all updated information concerning the production or the plant via a second work station (a personal computer, which is connected to the server). In addition, all article master data, process sequences and control parameters are updated via this second work station. There are basically no limitations as far as the scope of function of the second work station is concerned compared to the server.


Connection diagram module / flow scheme module:

The connection diagram and the flow scheme are stored in the process computer. It will thus be possible to rapidly localize and eliminate present disturbances in the installation, since the corresponding page will be immediately opened. The updating of the connection diagrams is secured via modem.


Handheld module:

a basic pre-condition of the ProGal is that it may be operated via a remote control, a so-called handheld. This not only increases the operational comfort of the installation but it also considerably reduces the times required for commissioning, maintenance and repair activities.


Plant and bath maintenance module:

the plant and bath maintenance module supports you in the execution and documentation of plant and bath maintenance measures. You will have at your disposal, at any time, an updated list including all overdue, pending, and in the future required maintenance tasks. Each individual maintenance measure will be registered together with the date and the name of the staff member in charge.


Historical module:

this module registers and documents all modified adjustments concerning article master data, process sequences and other parameter adjustments, which are being executed at the ProGal process control system. This means that each modification will be registered including the date, the operator and the reason for the modification.


Performance analysis:
Quality Assurance module: